Carroll's Ultimate Shooting Rest is a break through in shooting rest design!  The features are amazing...Perfect for varmint hunting, law enforcement, military, competition, gun cleaning, teaching women and children, testing loads, sighting in guns (rifle, pistol, and shotguns).


- up to .300 winmag - will allow shooters:


1.   the fastest target acquisition of any gun rest.

2.   smooth movement up / down / right / left.

3.   easily follow moving targets.

4.   hold the gun steady enough for extreme accuracy.

5.   significantly reduce felt recoil (recoil springs).

6.   portability with a carry handle and a compact 10.5 lbs.

7.   fine-tune adjustment for elevation.

8.   hold their rifle in a rubber-lined vise firm enough for sighting           in, testing loads, testing scopes, or cleaning their guns,                  or training new recruits!

9.   see the bullet impact due to smooth ball bearing

      slides keeping the scope on the target.

10. accommodate rifles with standard 30 round magazines.

11. make a great display for any rifle.

No Other Bench Rest Can Do It All




First: I will refund your purchase 100% if you are not completely satisfied IF you return the unused, unmarked, undamaged CUPSR with your receipt within 15 days from the date you received it.

Second: See OUR WARRANTY.  


Warranty Exception*:
Using a cartridge over .300 Winmag is not warranted and is not suited to this size and weight of bench rest. We have tested shotguns with slugs and 300 Winmags, which work great. The .50 BMG and similar high recoil guns may work fine, but we haven't tested them.

Using a gun bigger than .300 Winmag voids my warranty.


ThirdAll repair shipping costs will be at your expense.

My company - Cimarron Mfg. - manufactures Carroll's Ultimate Precision Bench Rest which is protected by Patent No. 8,006,426


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